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Aug. 9th, 2008

swine flu hoshit


join now bbs.

So I just realized that I didn't post this here, when I posted it like everywhere else. Anyway, I made a radio ad for the Church of Heathus Christ for a school project, and uploaded it for your listening pleasure.

When the Jonas Brother's number was leaked in Stalkergate I called and left them this as a voicemail, maybe they'll convert?

Oh, someone expressed a desire to download the ad, so I put it on sendspace too, in case you want to download it for your iPod or something. Remember to change hxxp to http.. :)

(x-posted all over the damn place, haha)
cool mom


(no subject)

Made from this video.

Aug. 8th, 2008


Tho Goddom Botmon comes to Facebook!

I've created a Facebook group to share with the outsiders the wonders of ONTD_Batman!  So far, I've posted some of the pictures you guys have so ingeniusly created.  Unfortunately, I can't make the animated .gifs work, which SUCKS, since there are so many great ones.  

So if you're on Facebook and want to spread the Botmon love with your FB/non-lj friends, just search for LOL TDK (which is the group name) or just click on the link below!


Sprod tho momo!

All praise be to Heathus Christ.


Itchin for a party post

I'll just post these here then:

+5Collapse )

party on bbs!
Maggie Gyllenhaal


(no subject)

I apologize for the mass of icons... posting this more for the animations than for anything else. Hope you enjoy!

[ 20 ] Animated!Joker (All LJ safe.)
[ 20 ] The Joker
[ 04 ] Joker Animations

More Here

Aug. 6th, 2008



Weeding out who else loved Psych 101 way too much.


After much consideration I have arrived at the conclusion that the Scarecrow is the long lost son of real life mad scientist Philip Zimbardo. y/n?

Their devotion to the sick and twisted is uncannily similar.

Family likeness... (a.k.a stuff copy and pasted from Wikipedia)Collapse )

Aug. 5th, 2008

cool mom



Sorry, it kinda sucks. This is my first time doing something like this!




you best believe it.


Mmkay, now on to the boo hiss boos. A lot of us have been talking and we srsly think that we need to calm down with the partying. The more often we do it, the less fun it seems to get. We should take break for a while so that when we do come back and partay again, there's new things to see, new macros, new gifs, new pictures. Also, this helps the mods of ONTD to not be so bitchy about our parties and any TDK posts.

Aug. 4th, 2008

cool mom


Taco bale!

(That's right, follow the fake lj-cut.)
Ever the optimistic one


(no subject)

There's a story at foxnews.com about Mary Kate Olsen apparently being unwilling to talk to federal officials about Heath Ledgers drug use before his death. I guess they're trying to get more information since she called her body guard and not the police. and because she's, you know, a troll.

(I'd post the whole story but can't get LJ from work and can't copy/paste on my phone... Bit still wanted to share)

Edit: I tried to tag this but I'm not sure if it's showing up. Sorry!

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