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kbeautyctruthk in ontd_batman

Tho Goddom Botmon comes to Facebook!

I've created a Facebook group to share with the outsiders the wonders of ONTD_Batman!  So far, I've posted some of the pictures you guys have so ingeniusly created.  Unfortunately, I can't make the animated .gifs work, which SUCKS, since there are so many great ones.  

So if you're on Facebook and want to spread the Botmon love with your FB/non-lj friends, just search for LOL TDK (which is the group name) or just click on the link below!


Sprod tho momo!

All praise be to Heathus Christ.


oy om joinong!
Thonk yo!
Haha thanks. Add some pics, too! My computer is going horribly slow since I have my Firefox up with 3 tabs of Party Posts!
I love Facebook groups. Praise!
I joined!
Thanx gyz!
Totolly joinod. How could o not? =D